Black Heritage Month UCCS resources

Black Heritage Month Resources

UCCS Clubs & Resources

Faculty Equity and Inclusion Committee (FEIC)

The Faculty Equity and Inclusion Committee (FEIC) addresses the needs of faculty of color on the UCCS campus and advocates for equity, diversity, and inclusion. FEIC advocates for social justice on behalf of minority faculty, staff, and students, and responds to societal issues that affect the campus community. Furthermore, FEIC provides a space for faculty to discuss campus climate, issues related to hiring, retention, and intellectual freedom.



Black Student Union (BSU)

The BSU is a social club centered on Black, African American, and African history and modern-day Black culture. They support and foster an environment that creates a sense of belonging, empowerment, and free expression for all UCCS students, staff, and faculty. 

African Student Association (ASA)

ASA's mission is to bring together students from different cultures from across Africa while also establishing a support system at UCCS for the international African student community. They aim to provide moral and educational support, create an entertaining and friendly environment, and bring awareness to the rich and diverse cultures throughout Africa and present in the UCCS community.

Queer Transgender People of Color and Two Spirit (QTPOC)

QTPOC envisions creating a safe space for queer and transgender people of colors, and two-spirit communities of students on campus. A goal of this space is to allow students of color of all queer identities to discuss their experiences, network and build community, gain more academic experiences through conferences, workshops, and multicultural events, and have a place on campus to exist unapologetically and unafraid. 

Sisterhood Club

 Sisterhood is a club centered on Black women and their empowerment throughout generations. They aim to provide a community and a haven for Black women and those who support the history and empowerment of Black women.