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Support Resources


You can notify the University and talk about different resolution options available through the Office of Institutional Equity. Even if you choose not to report formally or choose not to participate in a resolution process, you can still contact OIE for information and assistance accessing on- or off- campus support services. You can make a report to OIE in several ways: 

Mental Health Resources

The Mental Health Services Staff are here to serve the counseling and mental health-related needs of UCCS students. The services we provide help UCCS students achieve their educational goals, define their career goals, learn more about problem-solving processes, enhance their capacity for satisfying interpersonal relationships, and maximize their capacity for continued emotional growth. Our services include individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, crisis/emergency interventions, and consultation sessions for concerned friends/roommates/instructors. We also offer workshops and presentations open to the UCCS community. On our website, you will find more information about the services we offer, our staff, outside resources to help you with a variety of different issues, and ways to contact us.


Dean of Students CARE Team

The CARE (Campus Assessment Response and Evaluation) Team addresses concerns related to students’ safety and wellbeing, and supports students in times of challenge and crisis. The CARE Team assesses and responds to reported concerns or disruptions, we create access to resources for students to maintain their safety, health, and well-being, and we evaluate whether individuals pose a risk to themselves or others.   

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Faculty/Staff Concerns & Reporting

UCCS has adopted an institutional compliance program that is intended to support a culture of ethics and compliance within the University community by providing avenues for faculty and staff to voice these concerns. An effective compliance program promotes the achievement of University goals and helps avoid the program disruption and financial loss that can accompany compliance failures.

The Real Help Hotline

The Real Help Hotline gives you access to professional counselors who can offer assistance finding local resources or provide immediate crisis counseling. It’s a free and confidential service and it’s available 24/7. The service is available to all members covered under any of CU’s medical insurance plans.


First2Go is designed to recognize, celebrate, and establish belonging for first-generation college students at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. With over 30% of UCCS undergrads identifying as first-generation, First2Go offers a space for connection, support, and celebration to come alongside students through their college journey.

Undocumented Student Resources

The Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (MOSAIC) supports UCCS Undocumented/DACA/ASSET students, also referred to as Dreamers, and other multicultural students who receive the additional attention, advocacy, and support of the MOSAIC (e.g., first-generation students, ethnic minority students, and international students, etc).

TELUS Health Student Support

Free, confidential mental health and wellbeing support 24/7 with a counselor through the Student Support app. Telephone, video, and in-person counseling is available by appointment for short-term support. There are also self-directed resources including articles, videos, assessments, and more. 

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  • If you are worried about someone else, call the TELUS Health Care Access Center at 1-866-743-7732