LGBTQ+ Heritage Month Videos

LGBTQ+ Heritage Month Resources


LGBT+ 101

A short informational video explaining some of the terms and identities within the LGBTQ+ community.

It Takes Courage

A collection of videos made by queer people, for queer people (& allies!)


A Trans History: Time Marches Forward And So Do We

Trans people have always existed, and their lives have always mattered. And though they have and continue to face rampant discrimination, so too have they built beautiful communities and movements of resistance and love.

How Black Queer Culture Shaped History

 Queer culture historian and TED Fellow Channing Gerard Joseph shares their little-known stories, connecting the origins of drag in the 1880s to the present day and exploring the awesome power to choose how we define ourselves.

Intersex Awareness Day

We recognize Intersex Awareness Day on 26 October, which is the anniversary of the first demonstration by intersex advocates at the 1996 annual conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics.